Meet Our Embroidery Artists!

Name: Madison Siebers
Instagram: @madisonpixton
I am the 25-year-old owner of Madi Stitches! I'm originally from CT, went to college in UT, and now living in KS. I started embroidering my senior year of high school when I was handed a kit at a church activity. Finding myself unemployed in the summer of 2020 and waiting for school to begin, I decided to full invest in embroidery as a side hustle. I quit several of my student jobs after it took off, and, after graduating, went full-time on the business after a viral Tik Tok. I love any and all crafts, movies, cooking, writing, and planning parties. 
Name: Riley Siebers
Instagram: @rileyhascrafts
Madi has been my boss since I entered the world three years after her :) I’m studying in Utah to become an elementary art teacher, so I love to do any forms of arts and crafts and am obsessed with anything van gogh or matisse. I also love watching movies, dressing up, thrifting, singing, and learning guitar!
Name: Emma
Instagram: @theycallmeemmajoy
Hi, I'm Emma! I am a university student studying studio art and I hope to go into art education. For me, what is so interesting about embroidery is the long tradition of female-identifying artisans finding a place in art communities through textile arts. I love being empowered by their legacy. 


Name: Rosie Bauer
Instagram: @embroideredchem
I am a PhD student in genetics and taught myself how to embroider at the beginning of the pandemic. These days, I like to relieve stress after a long day in the lab by watching TV and embroidering!
Name: Bella Bonyata
Instagram: @bella_bonyata
I have always been artistic, so when quarantine hit last summer, I picked up an embroidery kit to keep me occupied in my house. I watched a few tutorials and I started making patterns and I embroidered all year long. I love embroidery because a beautiful art piece is made from only thread and fabric. 
Name: Courtney Alcivar
Instagram: @courtalcivar
My name is Courtney and I live in North Carolina with my husband and my dog. I started embroidering in 2020 as a pandemic hobby and I've been hooked ever since!
Name: Annemarie Seth
Instagram: @annemarie_emma
I'm from Peoria, Illinois and will be graduating with my bachelors in Environmental Science in December from Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. I grew up loving to sew and cross-stitch, then taught myself how to embroider and have been doing so for as long as I can remember!
Name: Molly Rubert
Instagram: @mollyrubert
Molly has been stitching ever since she can remember, and can always be found with a project in hand. She's been married for 20+ years, has 4 kids, and, when not stitching, can usually be found in the Utah mountains hiking with friends. 
Name: Taite Shomo
My name is Taite and I am currently going to graduate school at John Hopkins to get a Masters in Education! I live in DC with my girlfriend, our cat, and my two chinchillas, and I love doing embroidery whenever I have free time. I've been embroidering on my own for about four years and I'm excited to be working with Madi! 
Name: Katie Zhang
Instagram: @nonstopcalligraphy and @k.atiez
Hi, I'm Katie! I'm from Maryland and I'm currently a pre-health undergraduate student at Duke University. I've always loved lettering and design and picked up embroidery as a quarantine hobby. My go-to shows while embroidering are Grey's Anatomy and Survivor!
Name: Sara 
My name is Sara and I am a stay-at-home mom to the best little girl. While pregnant during quarantine, I decided to pick up embroidery to keep me from going stir crazy! I love learning new things and am grateful to be working with Madi Stitches.
Name: Ashley
Instagram: @ADVOembroidery
Hi! My name is Ashley and I started ADVOembroidery to combine my two favorite hobbies: thrifting and embroidery! I hand-embroider custom designs on all thrifted/second-hand clothing. I started embroidering at the end of 2019 and blossomed during the quarantine, and now I love the embroidery community!
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