About Us

When we were 12 & 15, Riley and I started an apparel business for all of two weeks by slapping tumblr edits onto cropped shirts on a Print-On-Demand website. We called it Vanilla Vibes. I think we made maybe one sale but it was fun for the Saturday we spent conceptualizing. It was the first glimpse of the way my sister & I had some shared vision. 

In 2021, my hand embroidery side gig had taken off and upon graduating college, I wanted to see where it could go. But hand embroidery, of course, wasn't very scalable. I bought my first embroidery machine and in between long hours of hand-embroidery, I taught myself how to use it. Riley studied some graphic design in high school & college so when I approached her about making some national park designs, she whipped something up in a few hours (our Yosemite design!!) The customer response was incredible and the business shifted just like that. 

Since then, we've added 30+ more national park designs and several state-inspired tees. We've expanded to stickers, postcards, and patches. Our goals have always been to:

1. bring a new feminine & colorful take to souvenir design

2. represent places that don't always get represented 

3. get people excited to see the beauty of our planet, regardless of their activity level