National Parks FAQ

Can you make ____ national park? 

All of the 63 national parks are on our to-do list. Designing is a elaborate process & we spend a lot of time making them just right. There may be periods of time where we are not releasing new designs because there is so much demand for the current ones -- but our goal is to complete them all! We appreciate any comments or requests because it helps us know what order to go in & where the demand is, so comment away!

Can you make ___ national forest, reserve, stake park, etc? Or this park outside the US? 

Again, our goal is to make the 63 US national parks. When there's been enough requests, we have explored into Canada (Banff) and other sites (Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore coming soon!) They are not our main focus right now, but again, no harm in dropping us a comment letting us know you'd like it!

Can I commission a custom design? 

This is not currently something we offer but we'd like to one day! 

Can I get a parks design on a different color sweatshirt? 

Yes, you can! Please use this listing for color changes & please read the entire listing! 

How do I take care of my items? 

We will include washing instructions with every order! They can be machine-washed in a cold cycle to preserve the fabric dye. 


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